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Private session (face-to-face/zoom)

Private session flow




Explanation about hypnotherapy/past life therapy


image practice and
Diagnosis of vision


Hypnosis induction


after coming out of hypnosis
Looking back

For those of you who have had a private session, I will later send you a file of the notes I took during the session via email.

Private session of your choice

120 minute course

This course is for repeat users and those who are accustomed to hypnotherapy.

We can create session contents according to the client's requests and needs, such as past life therapy, childhood regression, reunion therapy (therapy where you subconsciously meet the deceased, such as family members or pets), and future therapy. Is possible.

180 minute course

Recommended for those receiving hypnotherapy for the first time.  

Helping you to know yourself more deeply and heal, such as receiving messages from your subconscious, resolving trauma and worries, facing your true nature, and what your mission and purpose are in this world. I will continue to do so.

 This is a course that has a high level of client satisfaction because there are many things you can do as much as you have time.


$150Limited time only

Annual support

A great yearly plan that provides three three-hour hypnotherapy sessions and three one-hour meetings.

​This course is recommended for those who want to fully heal their inner child and trauma, and those who want to face their own lives by combining past life therapy and future therapy.

​First of all, please make a reservation for the first session, and then we will schedule subsequent sessions in consultation with the client.

Group session (face-to-face/zoom)


past life therapy
​Group experience session


A past life therapy experience will be held in groups of about 10 to 15 people.

After explaining about hypnotherapy and past life therapy, we will practice.

After relaxing your mind and body, we will guide you into hypnosis.

The actual hypnosis time is about 30 minutes.

Afterwards, we take time to share with the participants what they have seen in their past lives.


Recommended for those who want to try past life therapy and want to try it casually first.

Of course, those who have previously received past life therapy or hypnotherapy are also welcome to participate.

You are welcome to participate either by yourself or by inviting friends.

Those who take group sessions will receive a discount on individual sessions.

Sunday, November 19th
15:30-18:00 Japan time

​Participation fee: 3,500 yen


future therapy
Group work that brings you the future you want

First, we will use hypnotherapy to see your future in 3 to 5 years, which is currently in your subconscious mind.

From there, we will work together to ``create'' the future you desire, and finally, under hypnosis, we will firmly input the future you have created into your subconscious mind.

We will also tell you about the mechanism of attraction and how to put it into practice.

Rewriting the subconscious mind under hypnosis is very powerful and effective.

In order to create your future effectively and without restrictions, we recommend that you receive past life therapy or hypnotherapy before receiving future therapy.

10時〜12時半 日本時間
​参加費: 4,000円



The following people are currently not receiving sessions.

  • Minors

  • If you are pregnant, you may be emotionally shaken by trauma from your past life or present life, which may have an impact on your fetus.

  • People with seizure disorders (including epilepsy)

If you really want to undergo treatment, please consult your doctor and obtain permission, and do so at your own risk.

If you have a mental illness or are currently mentally unstable, please contact us via email.

Sessions may be possible depending on the symptoms and disease name.

At the therapist's discretion, we may decline your request if you are unable to receive a session with someone other than those listed above.


Hypnotherapy is not a treatment. You are responsible for your reactions after receiving a session despite having symptoms.


By applying and making payment, you are deemed to have agreed to the above.

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