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The following people are currently not receiving sessions.

  • Minors

  • If you are pregnant, you may be emotionally shaken by trauma from your past life or present life, which may have an impact on your fetus.

  • People with seizure disorders (including epilepsy)

  • People with mental illness or currently mentally unstable

If you really want to undergo treatment, please consult your doctor and obtain permission, and do so at your own risk.


At the therapist's discretion, we may refuse to accept sessions for people other than those listed above.


Hypnotherapy is not a treatment. You are responsible for your reactions after receiving a session despite having symptoms.


By applying and making payment, you are deemed to have agreed to the above.



<About cancellation>

As a general rule, we do not provide refunds after payment has been completed.

If you need to change the date or time due to unavoidable circumstances, please let us know at least 24 hours before the session.

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