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Azure Healing is a hypnotherapy healing salon located in Melbourne, Australia. Using hypnotherapy, we help clients recall memories and emotions that they are not normally aware of, and help them resolve their current problems, such as worries and trauma. By seeing and feeling the past events and past lives that caused this, and receiving messages and meanings from them, you will experience deep emotion and the release of trauma.

We offer hypnotherapy services in both face-to-face and online sessions to clients in Australia and overseas.

What is hypnotherapy?

It is a type of psychological therapy that is ``safe and secure'' and allows you to relax your mind and body, enter a hypnotic state, face your inner self, recall forgotten memories and emotions, and regain your true self. .

Our consciousness consists of what is called the ``conscious consciousness'' and the ``subconscious consciousness.'' The conscious mind is what we remember, and the subconscious mind is the other parts of the body that we are not usually conscious of. It is said that the conscious mind accounts for 5% and the subconscious mind accounts for 95%. In hypnotherapy, we approach this subconscious mind by putting you in a relaxed state through hypnosis and explore the essence of the problem.

The hypnosis that guides clients is relatively shallow, so they are awake and conscious during the session. You won't be stuck under the control of your therapist. The session progresses through conversation with the therapist.

During the hypnosis process, the tension in your mind and body is relaxed and relaxed, making you feel very relaxed and relaxed.


Therapist introduction


Hiroko Asano (Yuko Asano)

Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

In 2008, moved to Melbourne, Australia.

From an early age, he grew up feeling uncomfortable with his relationship with his biological mother.

After giving birth, her relationship with her mother deteriorated and she became isolated. At a time when she was worried that this would affect her ability to raise her children, she encountered past life therapy by her current teacher, Eriko Nemoto, and learned about hypnotherapy.

You will actually experience that ``By moving your subconscious mind, you can change your reality.''


By attending Mr. Nemoto's sessions, she was able to learn about her true nature and what she was looking for, and as a result, her relationship with her mother improved.

People who are also struggling with the relationship between mother and daughter who have become therapists after realizing that the relationship between parent and child has changed through hypnotherapy and that the way they interact with their child has changed as they become happy and fulfilled. I started to want to help people who were trying to figure out how to interact with their children.

In 2021, she will take Mr. Nemoto's hypnotherapist training course and hone her knowledge and skills through many monitoring sessions.

Opened Azure Healing.

We strive every day to provide sessions that are close to the hearts of our clients.

Japan Clinical Hypnotherapist Association Certified Therapist

Inner Journey Pro course completed








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