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Azure Healing - Hiroko Asano

A hypnotherapy healing salon located in Melbourne, Australia. Using hypnotherapy, we help clients recall memories and emotions that they are not normally aware of, and help them resolve their current problems, such as worries and trauma. By seeing and feeling the past events and past lives that caused this, and receiving messages and meanings from them, you will experience deep emotion and the release of trauma.

We offer hypnotherapy services in both face-to-face and online sessions to clients in Australia and overseas.


​Customer feedback


M.I (Canada)

thank you very much.

Thanks to you, I slept well.

Something surprising happened this morning!

When I went shopping, I saw my host mother, who I hadn't heard from for about three years, at the mall.

And her car was parked next to me!

This isn't a coincidence, right? I asked myself.

I'm surprised that something amazing has happened.

I sent you a message to let you know.


HINAKI (Mie, Japan)

I was able to receive an important message from Hiroko's session.

As I've grown up, there are more things I'm worried about than when I was little, but I feel like I was able to see this past life because I want to continue making my own choices.

I received a message from him in my previous life, and I received courage from his life.

I'm more of an emotional type than a feeling person. I felt very comfortable with the support I received as I looked into the past while enjoying the experience!

thank you very much!


Yukiko (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Thank you Hiroko-san for today.

With hypnotherapy, you learn something every time you do it. You need to clean your subconscious mind.

I thought that the hurt feelings I felt today when I was little were a past that had passed.

I thought I had resolved the issue in my own way, but I was shocked to realize that it remained in my subconscious and that I had not yet been healed.

I look forward to working with you again if you have the opportunity.

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